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The Department of Nursing is established at the building located at 123 Papadiamantopoulou Str, in Goudi.

This building includes 4 te­aching rooms, 7 laboratories, 21 offices and so­me more space for secondary purposes.

At 8 Tetrapoleos Street (Goudi) are located the laboratories of Anatomy and Physiology as well as offices of the teaching personnel.

In 5 Feidipi-dou Street (Goudi) is the Paediatric laboratory, in 42 Davaki Pindou Street (Goudi) is the Com­munity Centre for the Psychiatric Health of the Department and in 1 Koropiou Street is the teaching room for the postgraduate studies pro­gram.

The Secretariat of the Department is loca­ted at the University buildings at 75 Micras Asias street (Goudi, tel. 210-7462008).