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  • Department/Laboratory: Basic Sciences
    Research Programme’s Title: EDC-MixRisk
    Principal Investigator/Scientific Leader: Efthymia Kitraki, Professor -School of Dentistry, NKUA
    Duration: 4 years
    Funding Source: European Commission DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION – ΗΟΡΙΖΟΝ 2020
    Official Website: https://edcmixrisk.ki.se/
    Brief Description: Effects of mixtures of potential endocrine disruptors on the nervous and reproductive system of mice as well as on their general growth and development.

  • Department/Laboratory: Basic Sciences
    Research Programme's Title: InfrafrontierGR/ Phenotypos
    Principal Investigator/Scientific Leader: Koutsilieris Michail, Professor -School of Medicine, NKUA
    Duration: 4 years
    Funding Source: Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
    Official Website: https://www.fleming.gr/infrafrontier
    Brief Description: Phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes. INFRAFRONTIER-GR provides a sustainable, open access pan-Hellenic Research Infrastructure (RI) that aims to increase local competitiveness in translational medicine via the generation, distribution and disease-oriented phenotyping of mutant mouse genomes.