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Graduate Programs

The Department of Nursing of the School of Health Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is among the Departments that first organized and run a Master’s Program in English language since the academic year 1993/94.

According to Law 4485/2017, the Assembly of the Nursing Department approves each of the proposed MSc and sets the amount of the tuition fees. Every MSc is organized by a 5 faculty members Coordinating Committee (CC). The Director of each GP is a Professor or Ass. Professor and acts as chair of the CC.

Currently, according to the provisions of Law 4485/2017, the Department of Nursing runs the following Graduate Programs:




Crisis Management and
Public Health Nursing

1. Public Health
2. Community Nursing
3. Crisis Management in the Health Sector


Applied Nursing Science

1. Prevention and Infection Control
2. Nursing Management of Diabetes of Children and Adults
3. Nursing of Renal Diseases


Advanced Clinical Nursing

1. Intensive Care Nursing
2. Nursing of Cardiovascular Diseases
3. Surgical Nursing


Advanced Nursing Care and
Mental Health of Children and Adults

1. Applied Clinical Nursing of Children
2. Oncology Nursing - Palliative Care
3. Mental Health



Who are admitted in the GPs

Individuals holders of a bachelor or diploma in the fields of Nursing, Military Nursing, Medical Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and corresponding Departments of related fields from the Greek or Foreign Universities. Especially for the specialization "Crisis Management in the Health Sector ", graduates of Military Schools and Schools of Security Corps are accepted as relevant to the specific subject. In each Graduate Program (MSc) thirty (30) students (for all three specialties) per academic year are enrolled.

Once a year, by decision of the Assembly of the Nursing Department, an announcement of the GPS is published and posted on the website of the Department. The relevant applications, together with the necessary supporting documents, are submitted to the Secretariat of the GPS within a deadline set in the tender notice. The deadline may be extended by decision of the Assembly of the Department.

Tuition Fees

Graduate students pay course fees amounting to two thousand Euros 2000 € (500 Euros per semester). Payment of the tuition fees is made at the beginning of each semester to the Special Account of the University of Athens and are available exclusively for the infrastructure and operation of the GPs.